Our future depends on you!

Most business leaders agree that we purposefully need to invest in change in order to achieve a sustainable future on this planet. But the big question often is - how does this apply to us?


IMAGO YOU offers workshops to help management teams in strategy and implementation processes and to establish effective internal and external collaborations.


A prerequisite to deal efficient with change is that you are able to change perspective and lift yourself out of how you see your current situation. You need to reach the viewpoint to see what the potentials are!

We help you open your mind and explore and penetrate what lies behind your current understanding of what you are capable of so that you can transform beyond all expectations.


Resistance you say?

No one really love change, not even those who claim to. You have probably experienced this when presenting changes or new strategies in your organization. There is rarely "love at first sight" among all employees.


This has its explanation. We actually resist change down to a DNA level. Through evolution, we have developed deep programming that tells us to react when something new occurs. It is intelligent, and it was once crucial for the survival of the herd to react in this way. Still in our modern society our subconsciousness tells us to respond as if change is dangerous to our survival. 

Looking at change from this perspective it is easy to understand the stress that often comes with change in an organizations and why we might feel sceptic and uncomfortable, sometimes even aggressive dealing with change. 

How to deal with resistance in your organization

Even before the pandemic hit us, we operated in a landscape of constant change. In the future, we will continue to see changes around us and we need to learn to continuously adapt.


As we know, change often creates stress. Helping employees with stress-related ailments before it becomes overwhelming will be a good investment. Clarity in thoughts and emotions is important to business performance

The pandemic has taught us that not only supporting physical health but also mental and emotional health is important.  It has become more common that people report on problems such as insomnia and stress and that they are struggling with the work life balance working form home.



How can we help?

IMAGO YOU offers programs that help your organization stay motivated for change and learn to embrace it. We also help your employees reach a co-creational state and improve the organization's capacity.


Our services apply to managers, employees and teams on all levels and help you cross the bridge from the old to the new paradigm.


Do you want to see change around you?

It always starts with you.